With a focus on serving your Business and Contractual needs, Kaplun and Associates brings a unique blend of business acumen, technology background, and legal expertise to help you insulate yourself and your business from as much liability as possible.

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Our Philosophy

Our Firm is focused on fast and accurate communication, insulation of liability, and flexible billing.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have designed our services to follow a unique 3 step process that will better serve you.


Our first step-full communication at all times. We are ready to sit down with you and walk you down, step by step, of our project, scope of our representation, and we will answer any and all of your questions to the best of our ability. Our attorneys sincerely believe that the best client is a knowledgeable client, because knowledge brings understanding, control, and calm. By walking you through the process and our services, you gain both confidence and piece of mind towards your successful resolution.

Liability Insulation

Our founder has a unique background of technology, finance, and business that he uses to assist you in understanding your questions and products, but also understands that litigation can be times consuming and costly. Coming from business, he has a natural aversion to expensive and unnecessary litigation.

Therefore our firm focuses on first insulating you and your business from as much liability as possible. Then we review your needs and advise you upon the most efficient, cost effective, and unique solution to your problem. Not only do we try to help you now, but we also evaluate your current status and paperwork to help you concentrate on what is really important-running your life or running your business with less fear of impending liability.

Our Billing

Our Firm has a business oriented approach to any services we offer. We offer a wide range of flexibility of billing and payment that suits your needs, including Flat Rate for projects and services, Hourly Rates for indefinite assignments or litigation, Contractual Legal Services, and other more traditional models.

Unlike many firms, we strongly attempt to quote you a Flat Rate as much as possible, barring projects or representation that are either ongoing or impossible to accurately estimate. This allows you to know right away what services you can accept, and you no longer feel worried about receiving a bill from us that you were not ready for. We do not charge you for emails or phone calls should we take you on under our Flat Rate. Because of this you feel more comfortable with us, and we work more efficiently for you.

We explain our fees and services up-front, to help you avoid any surprises. You budget your expenses for your business and your household, and our service is no exception. We help you anticipate your costs to let you estimate and prepare more accurately for the future.

To further assist you, we revise our estimates as soon as possible to help you plan for our continuing representation, or let you set aside your assets for an upcoming project. We communicate with both individuals and businesses right away to plan ahead. The better the plan, the better we served your interests.